Frequently asked Questions

Membership Subscriptions
How do I access the online tutorials?

Once you have become a Stitch Point Studio member you will have access to the membership area on this website. You will see many tutorial videos available including previous projects that have been completed.

When do I receive my delivery?

Packages are dispatched by the 20th of the month by 2nd class royal mail (either alternate monthly or every month depending on your membership). This is to enable us plenty of time after your payment on the 1st of the month to receive products from our suppliers who have been experiencing a lot of delays recently.

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes. You can do this by logging into your account.

How do I invite others and claim rewards?

Once you have a user account on Stitch Point Studio, simply visit ‘My Account’ and then click on Refer a friend for rewards. In there you’ll find your own unique code that will give a 10% discount that you can share with friends, family and online communities.

For each person that used your code, you too will receive further and further 10% discounts off your next subscription fees. Share this enough and you’ll never have to pay a subscription fee again.

Why is there a minimum subscription length?

The key reason we’re able to charge the lower fees for membership packages is because our materials and patterns are purchased from suppliers with pre-arranged contracts organised weeks, in advance. Knowing how many committed memberships we have for the following month allow us to order the correct stocks accordingly, this allows us to avoid cost increases due to wasted materials.

In addition, as well as the physical materials, your fees help cover the costs to produce the catalogue of supplied videos and ongoing teaching support.

Can I have a different choice of fabric design or colour?

We choose appropriate fabric for each pattern that is made each month to demonstrate to you what works well. A variety of colour tones and patterns are chosen throughout the year however we appreciate that sometimes the colour or design will not be to your particular taste. To enable us to bring you a reasonable subscription fee we are unable to offer a selection of fabric at this time. With any new pattern, a trial run (a muslin or toile) is recommended and therefore I would suggest if the fabric is not to your liking that it could be used for this purpose.

Why has my 'next payment date' changed?

This may occur when you initially sign up for your membership package to coincide with the next delivery for that option. For example when signing up for the Variety membership your next payment may be amended from 1st April to the 1st May as there is no Variety delivery in April.  

How do I cancel my subscription?

Once the initial minimum subscription time has lapsed your payments will continue on a monthly or alternate monthly basis. If at any point you wish to cancel your subscription then please contact me  here or by email:

What if I have to end my subscription early?

We do our best to enforce the minimum subscription length but are also aware of how peoples circumstances and finances can change. Please do contact me using the contact form here or by email:

Delivery details
Learn to sew kits

Kits are dispatched within 1-2 working days from your order. Delivery is by 2nd class Royal mail. You will receive conformation when your order is dispatched.

Stitch Point Studio Membership

Membership packages are dispatched by the 20th of the month (often a little before!) Delivery is by 2nd class Royal mail. You will receive conformation when your order is dispatched.


Dancewear that is not custom designed or made to measure will be dispatched in around a week. You will receive conformation when your order is dispatched by Royal mail 2nd class.

Custom dancewear

As custom dancewear is made to measure and design this will be discussed individually

Sewing supplies

All items of haberdashery, fabric, patterns etc will be dispatched in 1 working day. Delivery is by 2nd class Royal mail. You will receive conformation when your order is dispatched.

Learn to sew Kits
Are these suitable for beginners?

Yes of course! All learn to sew kits contain full instructions with colour photographs to enable a beginner sewist to complete the project. They will all require knowledge of how to sew a basic straight stitch on a sewing machine.

Is a sewing machine required?

All kits are designed to be completed on a sewing machine and instruction booklets are written in this way. However a hand needle is supplied for the scrunchie kit as this can be sewn by hand if preferred. Technically any of these learn to sew kits could be completed by hand although it is not my personal preference. 

When will I receive my kit?

Kits are dispatched within 1-2 working days from your order. Delivery is by 2nd class Royal mail. You will receive conformation when your order is dispatched.

Online Workshops
What do I need to join in with online workshops?

Online workshops are provided using zoom. You can access zoom by clicking a link that will be emailed to you prior to your workshop. It is best to use a desktop or laptop to view all participants at once. Although it is possible to use a mobile device you will only be able to see one person at a time depending on who is talking.

Can I join as a complete beginner?

For all online group workshops it is required that you should be able to use your sewing machine to a basic level. This would include threading your machine and sewing a straight stitch as a minimum. If you wish to book an individual session to accomplish this then please contact us here or by email:

What is social sewing?

Social sewing is a free group where fellow like minded sewing enthusiasts join together for a relaxed evening of sewing chat and tips hosted by Rachel the creator of Stitch Point Studio. Learn more by visiting the Stitch Point Studio Facebook Group.

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