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January: Variety

Sadie Pant

Style Arc have so many trousers to choose from and this one had some interesting details that I thought were perfect for the Variety month.

You may notice my tutorials this time may not always follow the instructions. As they are often bare bones and confusing I had a quick skim and did my own thing! So don’t forget you can contact me if something isn’t adding up and you need a hand.

To start off, have a look at the Style Arc sizing guide here. Don’t forget it is easier to take the seams in not out.

Happy sewing!

Introduction to this month’s pattern, here is what my final result looked like.

Where to start when choosing your size. You will need to grade between sizes as necessary and lengthen / shorten as usual following the grading techniques.

Sewing 1 – Start your sewing here with inserting the slanted pockets.

Sewing 2 – This next step covers the crotch curve and leg seams.

Sewing 3 – Sew up the back darts next and finish off the hems of the trousers with a split hem.

Sewing 4- How to finish off the waistband using the exposed elastic.

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