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February: Wardrobe Staples

Fuller Cardigan

Welcome to the guide to the Fuller Cardigan. You have two views available for this pattern with a choice of three different cup sizes or mix it up like I did. 

Have a look at the Cashmerette size calculator. I have found this to be pretty accurate for choosing my size. I would recommend giving it a go yourself first and seeing how it compares.

The videos on the previous members page may also be useful to you when completing this cardigan including marking darts, sewing with stretch fabrics and buttons.

These instructions mostly follow view B, the rounded neck crop cardigan, so if you need a hand with this or anything else don’t forget you can contact me or jump on the monthly zoom (see link at the top of members page)

Happy sewing!

Here is what the Fuller cardigan looks like.

A look at the box contents for the Fuller and Melville cardigans

A view of the layout I used for cutting the interfacingĀ 

Advice for cutting the pieces.Ā 

Sewing 1 : Start the sewing here with the bodice construction including the darts.

Sewing 2: Next we add the facings to the cardigan.

Sewing 3: Finally the bands are added for view B and finish with the buttons.

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