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April: Wardrobe staples


I had a special request for some culottes and thought this pattern by Named was the perfect option. 

One thing that is great about this pattern is you could make it in a huge variety of fabrics for many different looks. Initially I was going to make these in a stretchy fabric but changed my mind to a summery crepe fabric while I was dreaming of the sun.

Beware! You really MUST read all the instructions before starting as there are different methods depending on the type of fabric you are using but this is not completely clear as you are following step by step. Mainly this applies to the waistband but some smaller steps also might trip you up along the way.

If you would like to show off your makes feel free to tag me on social media or post in the Facebook group, I’d love to see them! 

Happy sewing. 

Contents of this months package and brief introduction to the Ninni elastic waist culottes.

Which measurements to take into consideration when selecting your size.

Here is how my culottes looked when I finished in my flowy crepe fabric.

A quick look at where to lengthen / shorten and make other basic pattern adjustments. Remember to use the video’s on the main members page for instructions of what to do with this information.

Sewing part 1 – Start with interfacing the relevant pieces, how to sew the pockets and side seam

Sewing part 2 – Next we sew the other major seams of the culottes – the inseam and the crotch curve

Sewing part 3 – Finally we attach the waistband, put in the elastic and add the finishing touches.

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