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May: Variety Set


Shirring is actually something I have never done before! It seems to have made somewhat of a comeback in recent years and so I thought it would be a great addition and a new skill we could have a go at on this dress by Made by Rae.

Similarly to the last Variety package this dress looks simple in design but there is a lot to do! We have darts, shirring, pockets, facings, and bias bindings – a whole host of techniques to practice.

I feel this is a good fit. I’m happy with the outcome and I hope you will be too. Your cotton fabric might make the outcome a little more structured than my version and should make the shirring a little more stable and easier to work with.

If you need a hand with anything don’t forget you can contact me if or jump on the monthly zoom (see link at the top of members page) and make use of the general tutorial videos on the previous page too.

Happy sewing. 

Contents of the Stitch Point Membership “Variety” package.

Selecting your size and making pattern adjustments

How my final dress looks for the trillium pattern by Made by Rae

Full bust adjustment (FBA) should you need it for this dress. This tutorial was not made specifically for this pattern but will work the same way.

The place to start for the sewing with the bodice

How to attach the pockets to the dress

Pleating the skirt and attaching the bodice to the front

How to complete the shirring on the back of the dress.

How to attach and finish the facings to the neckline

How to insert the sleeves and finish with the bias binding

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