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June: Wardrobe staples


I have spent weeks calling this top pattern Poise and didn’t realise it actually said Posie until after my fabric selection which turned out to be a sweet match! 

As I explained in the box contents you have two fabrics here so you can choose to add the contrasting sleeve flounce which I think will add a little more drama to the top or use the one fabric for a more conventional look.

As usual the pattern is drafted for a sewing cup B size (check out the videos for more information on how you work this out) so you may need a full bust adjustment (FBA). 

If you would like to show off your makes feel free to tag me on social media or post in the Facebook group, I’d love to see them! 

Happy sewing. 

Here is what my Style Arc Posie top looks like using my “cheat” version FBA.

Explanation of how to measure your sewing cup size. This measurement will be used to decide if a full bust adjustment may be necessary and how much to amend the pattern by.

Here is a run down of how to do the “cheat version” of a full bust adjustment (FBA) for small full bust adjustments.

If you haven’t used Style Arc patterns previously this may help you to understand the pattern better.

How to do a full bust adjustment on a darted bodice, this will be helpful if you’re sewing cup size is larger than a B cup (2″)

You can also use this tutorial to complete a FBA for the Posie top which will add in a dart.

Instruction Book – Scrunchies You could make a scrunchie with your leftover fabric, you can use any fabric for this. You just need a rectangle of fabric –  I usually use half a width of fabric (or 1/3 for wider stretchy fabrics)  x 4-5″ deep and around 8-9″ elastic. Click on the photo above to download my PDF “Learn to sew” pattern.

Sewing part 1 – Start the sewing here by preparing the side pieces with the facing.

Sewing part 2 – Adding the neckband to the Posie top

Sewing part 3 – How to add the flounce and side pieces to construct the final sleeve and finishing steps.

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