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July: Variety Set


This jacket from Friday pattern co. is a great addition to our wardrobe. It can be made in a variety of heavier weight stretch fabrics and in the package this month we have a ponte fabric. The cuff pieces are also ponte but you could use a ribbing fabric if you prefer.

The zip supplied is actually 27″ long! So whichever version you make you will need to shorten it.

Watch out for the slight change I made to the hem band construction where I encased the zipper tape similar to the collar piece. If you are following the instructions to the letter then you will need to fold the hem band with wrong sides together before attaching to the bottom of the jacket.

HEM TAPE – I did not use this in my construction but take care using this near the zip as you don’t want to melt the plastic teeth! Just put it between layers and use your iron to melt it like glue.

As usual contact me if you need extra support by email, messenger, Facebook group or pop along to the zoom session.

Happy sewing,


Here is what my Arlo jacket looks like in the same fabric you have been sent this month, long length.

A walking foot may be helpful for this fabric if you have one. You will also need a zipper foot of course.

There is a lot of topstitching for this jacket. A twin needle can be used on your regular machine to give a similar appearance to a coverstitch machine.

.It’s really simple to shorten your separating zipper, here is how to do it.

What is ponte fabric?



If you have a coverstitch machine then great! If you are curious as to what one is then here is where to look. It is certainly not an essential sewing machine but it does make lovely looking hems (and that is it!)

Sewing part 1 – First sewing steps – Sewing the pockets and constructing the front of the jacket

Sewing 2 – Sewing the main body construction including sleeves

Sewing part 3 – How to attach the collar, hem bands and cuffs to the Arlo jacket

Sewing part 4 – How to insert the zip and finish the jacket

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