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August: Wardrobe staples


This tiered skirt from True bias has lots of options you can choose from to give different lengths and looks (you can see I did the longest option)

You could substitute the fabric drawstring with another drawstring or ribbon if you prefer and all sorts of woven fabrics could be used for this skirt.

I found a fabric that was drapey without it being see though so you do not need a lining and as it doesn’t have a pattern it made it a little easier than the one I used as no matching! 

Pick your size based mainly on your hip measurement as the elastic in the waistband can help to pull it in if necessary.

Remember for any help you can pop along to the zoom session, drop me an email or have a look at the other videos available on the members home page.

Happy sewing. 

EDIT – I have tried my skirt on again and there was just something about it that wasn’t fitting right. On me it sort of juts out over my hips adding width there that I just don’t want! Not sure if it is where the waist falls on me or the fabric but I’m going to take that in at the side seams quite a bit to give it a more pleasing (to me) shape.

My longest length Mave skirt. Here I am prancing around for your enjoyment!

Traditional way to gather using your sewing machine. Technique used for all the skirt tiers.

Buttonholes are added to the waistband to allow the drawstring to thread through

Look at the pattern and starting instructions, options and sizing etc.

If you have an overlocker you may wish to try this method to gather your skirt fabric.

Sewing part 1 – The first step is to add the pockets and sew the side seams.

Sewing part 2 – Sewing the skirt panels together

Sewing part 3 – The final step of sewing the Mave skirt- the waistband

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