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October: Wardrobe staples


Our last project! The Luna trousers from Made by Rae are a lovely basics pattern that you can make in woven or stretch and each fabric choice will give you a slightly different look.

For my trousers I used a jersey stretch fabric just to speed up the sewing process but remember for the woven fabric you will need to finish the seams in some way so I have included them here in the videos. I have not included what they look like this time as my fabric will act differently to yours but it is a lovely viscose linen with the right amount of drape. There are also no options to run through for this pattern, you can choose to add pockets or not but otherwise the pattern is straightforward. 

Remember to choose your size based on waist and hip measurement and grade accordingly between sizes. Try your trousers on before closing the elastic channel incase you need to make it tighter.

Enjoy sewing your trousers and remember I’m on hand if you have any extra questions.

Happy sewing!

Seam finish – How to construct a french seam so the raw edges are finished.

Seams – Different ways you can use a bias binding to finish the seam allowance and prevent fraying.

The prym seam gauge may come in handy for hems or perhaps have other uses I’ve not yet discovered!

The full video instructions for the Luna trousers with elastic waist and ankles

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