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November: Variety Classic


Our classic Variety package this month uses a luxurious floral scuba fabric for this structured dress by Wardrobe by me. 

I love the options for this dress, the scuba will give a structured look but make it again in a flow-ier jersey for a completely different feel to the outfit.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make myself one to show you (due to size restrictions) but this pattern has been recommended to me by others.

Remember to message me any time if you need some assistance, ask on the Facebook group or pop along to the zoom session.

Don’t forget the tutorials available towards the top of the page.

Happy sewing!

A brief overview of the Asta dress options, choosing sizes and where to make fitting adjustments on the pattern pieces.

Start the sewing with the shoulder seams, sleeves and sides

Boatneck or tutleneck? finish off the neckline here

Demonstration of the patch pocket then the skirt pieces get attached together

Attaching the bodice and skirt, hemming and sleeve bands

October: Wardrobe staples

Sloane Sweatshirt

This pattern by “named” is a lovely sweatshirt with a long bust dart from the waist to give it shape.

The fruity sweatshirt fabric with contrasting fabric for bands will give you a cosy final garment.

Remember to message me any time if you need some assistance, ask on the Facebook group or pop along to the zoom session.

Don’t forget the tutorials available towards the top of the page.

Happy sewing!

*Update – it is almost December and I’ve just realised there is an “e” on the end of Sloane! oops. 

An overview of the pattern and fabric for Octobers wardrobe staples membership.

How to choose your size, thinking about ease of the pattern and the stretch of the fabric. Where to lengthen or shorten the pattern and grade between sizes.

A little tip to make marking darts a little easier – you will need scissors and some chalk

How to lay out your pattern to get the best from your fabric, a brief overview of the pattern instructions.

Sewing 1 – The first sewing step is completing the darts on the front bodice of the sweatshirt.

Sewing 3 – Inserting the sleeves, sewing side seams and adding cuffs and hem band to finish

Sewing 2 – Sewing continues with the shoulder seams and attaching the neckband

September: Variety


I feel on the whole we have had some great weather for September. You might still be able to wear this this light cropped shirt in flowy viscose fabric without a cardigan for a bit longer.

I have made some adjustments to this pattern to make my muslin top so bear that in mind when planning how you would like yours to fit. The main point I keep mentioning is that this shirt is designed to be cropped! So make sure you amend the pieces if you would like it longer.

Remember to message me any time if you need some assistance, ask on the Facebook group or pop along to the zoom session.

Don’t forget the tutorials available towards the top of the page.

Happy sewing!

Play Video

A look at what is included in this pattern from Style Arc


Where should we make adjustments to the pattern to lengthen or shorten? You should also grade between sizes as needed.

Play Video

You can see how the Monty shirt looks when finished in the viscose fabric. Take note of the amendments I made compared to my measurements.

If you need a full bust adjustment this tutorial will show you how and where to make these adjustments.

Sewing 1 – Pocket flap and Front construction for Monty shirt.

Sewing 3 – Collar and facings. Making the collar and attaching to the shirt. Finishing the front edge with facing.

Sewing 2 – Back and shoulders for Monty shirt

Sewing 4 – Finishing the Monty shirt with hems. For how to make button holes and attach buttons see tutorial videos at the top of this page.

August: Wardrobe staples

The Adrienne blouse

The sleeves on this top by Friday pattern co. are clearly the main event and are very easy to adjust if you would like less fullness.

The fabric is a jersey fabric but feels a little more open in the weave than others we have used and it has a lovely softness to it.

There are also instructions to complete a full bust adjustment which is excellent for those of us that need this as many patterns just leave you to figure it out yourself. The way they have suggested to do this FBA is super simple so do not be afraid to give it a go.

Remember to message me any time if you need some assistance, ask on the Facebook group or pop along to the zoom session.

Don’t forget the tutorials available towards the top of the page.

Happy sewing!

Introduction to the blouse pattern and how my two final tops look.

Where to make adjustments on bodice and sleeves for length and grading.

Who needs a full bust adjustment, how much to amend the pattern by.

Sewing the neckband and side seam construction including optional FBA option for the Adrienne blouse.

How to sew and attach the sleeves for the Adrienne blouse, and a bottom hem to finish.

July: Variety Set

Reed Skirt

I’m not a skirt person generally and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure about this based on the modelled examples on the Grainline studio website. But after making this skirt I was very impressed and possibly a convert to skirts! 

I have sewn here view A and I am completely in love with the pockets for this view. Plenty of space for my phone and all the other rubbish I need. 

Some of the steps are similar for view C/D but I have not recorded the pocket construction. Remember to message me any time if you need some assistance, ask on the Facebook group or pop along to the zoom session.

Don’t forget the tutorials available towards the top of the page.

Happy sewing!

My completed Reed skirt.

Where to grade pattern pieces between waist and hip and cutting layout for Reed skirt.

Quick tip to show you how I combined some of the steps to streamline the sewing process.

The first step of the “sewing” instructions – you need to interface these pieces first.

Sewing the button placket for view A/B

Sewing the pockets for view A and B

Attaching the waistband for view A/B. Similar process will be required for attaching the waistband for view C/D

Sewing the panels of the skirt together

View A/B finishing button placket and hemming the skirt

June: Wardrobe Staples


This wrap dress pattern from Cashmerette is the first of their patterns that I made years ago. Cashmerette patterns are different in that they traditionally draft for a plus sized silhouette which is different from the hourglass shaped block that most patterns would use. There are also 3 different cup sizes available which makes sewing for a larger bust much easier, a built in FBA! (Full bust adjustment)

While many pattern companies are currently expanding their size range up to larger sizes, Cashmerette have recently expanded their range to smaller sizes. I have been waiting for the Appleton to be released in the new sizes so I could share the love with you all. 

Important things to note for this pattern is measuring your high and full bust accurately, and how to pick your size based on these measurements. I have also included a small bust adjustment if you measure less than the C cup measurements but you may find this is not necessary in the wrap style.

Don’t forget to take a look at the tutorial videos above which may be helpful in this project too.

I can’t wait to see all your lovely Appleton wrap dresses! 

How to select your size and decide if adjustments are needed for your Appleton dress.

Where on the pattern to grade between sizes and make pattern adjustments.

A look at the instructions for laying out the pattern pieces on your fabric.

How to amend the front bodice piece for a small bust adjustment (the same technique can be used to make a full bust adjustment)

Start sewing with front hem, reinforcing waist hole tie and shoulder seams with clear elastic.

Creating the neckband and attaching it to the main body of the dress.

Insertion of sleeves and finishing the side seams for the Appleton dress

The final sewing stage, hemming sleeves and the dress.

May: Variety Set

Diane Swim

Perhaps this month brings a fabric you have not used much previously but don’t worry, have a look at the “sewing with lycra” video in the section above and go for it! 

We all like to make our own clothes and a swimming costume is such an achievement. Make sure you take accurate measurements and think about if you may need a bust adjustment. Jalie are great for lycra patterns and are well known for good fitting dance, ice-skating, gymnastic and swim garments.

All the main tutorials can be found in this section here with supporting videos above. Enjoy and good luck! 

What is in the box, what is it for and a quick run down on the pattern options.

If your sewing cup size is more than a B cup then you need to use this method for selecting your size and grading

How to select your size and decide if adjustments are needed. How to layout the fabric for cutting

If your measurements are outside the limits of this pattern then use this technique to grade up to a larger size

How to attach the back pieces to their linings

If you would like to add the tie option to the costume watch this. It is the same sewing if you would like to tie at the front or the back

Inserting swim cups into the front lining piece

Putting the front and back pieces together and sewing in the elastic

How to sew the back pieces together including elastic

April: Wardrobe Staples

Diane Joggers

I love these joggers! They are so comfy in this ponte fabric that I have chosen to be supportive but not as warm as a sweatshirt fabric that may be used for traditional jogging bottoms.

This pattern is made by 5 out of 4 which I first started using as they had many nursing friendly alterations and you may see me doing some pattern testing for them now and then.

Brief overview of what ponte fabric is.Start here for a quick run down of the box contents and a note on the pattern pieces

How to pick the right size for your jogging bottoms. There are many options to choose from too.

This is what the final result will look like when you are done. Have a little look now to see the expected fit, length and the options that I chose to make.

Which pattern pieces do we need? Where to cut and make fitting adjustments

Where to place the pattern pieces using the instructions supplied

Side seams, inseam and finishing the hem – I chose a cuff

Let’s begin sewing! The first step is to attach the yoke piece at the back

The final installment of this sew along. Attaching the waistband and adding the drawstring. This also includes how to sew a buttonhole on your machine.

Pockets go next, on the front of the joggers

March: Variety Set


The Kennedy hooded top by Style Arc is quite a challenge for this month. There are lots of steps and perhaps a few new techniques with the fastenings and buttonholes.

The ponte fabric is cosy for the hoodie and I love the colour too. 

February: Wardrobe Staples

Amuse Boho

This viscose fabric might be a little slippery compared to other fabrics we have used recently but it gives a lovely drape for this top. 

Winter wear designs have made this pattern with design features that are good for practicing your techniques – gathering stitches, sewing with a facing and yoke.

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